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We Love You Box

We Love You Box is a social enterprise that aims to make meaningful impact by bridging communications and partnerships in support of mental health advocacy.

We believe in multi-stakeholder collaborations where grassroot civil societies, brands, governmental organisations, creators, the media and Rakyat can come together towards a shared cause to bring about maximum impact.

Our Origin Story

In 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of friends and like-minded community from diverse background banded together to form We Love You Box as a collective on a mission to appreciate and uplift our nation’s medical frontliners. 

What started from a Clubhouse clarion call elevated into a movement that rallied millions of the people of Malaysia through the radio airwaves, delivering 5,000kg of personalised care packs to 5,000 medical frontliners across 5 hospitals and hundreds of gratitude messages.

What floored us were the feedback we received from the medical frontliners themselves. The bonus was the two A+M Marketing Excellence Awards we received in recognition of our dedication where We Love You Box bagged Gold for Best Marketing Excellence for Non-Profit/Public Sector Marketing and Bronze for Covid-19 Related Campaigns.

we love you

We Love You

In 2023, as the country slowly recovered, the Rakyat faced a new challenge:
post-pandemic anxiety.

What's next?

In light of this, we have decided that We Love You Box will shift focus towards helping the mental well-being of Malaysians. Based on statistics, An estimated 1 in 3 people in Malaysia suffers from a mental disorder of some sort. In 2023, the state of mental health in Malaysia has grown increasingly worrisome, which calls us to take serious action. We have established partnerships with mental health organisations and dedicated workers to tackle this concern head-on together.


Anxiety can manifest as stress, exhaustion, nervousness, restlessness or worry. It could happen to anyone – your friends, family, colleagues and even yourself. The question is what can we as individuals or an organisation do about this to make a difference? 

If you are on the same mission or simply would like lend a hand or support our journey, we’d love for you to connect with us:


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