1. Who is WE LOVE YOU BOX?

WE LOVE YOU BOX is initiated by  a group of concerned individuals with no background or affiliation to any non-government or political organizations.  These individuals are moved by the plight of overworked health care frontliners and want to play their part in gathering positive messages to help  raise the spirits of these frontliners so that they can stay motivated to save more people during this hard time.

2. Where does WE LOVE YOU BOX operate?

WE LOVE YOU BOX team has expanded gradually and most of the team members are based in Klang Valley. We organize WE LOVE YOU BOX by working online from home to keep supporting our health care frontliners.

3. How does WE LOVE YOU BOX help the health care frontliner?

WE LOVE YOU BOX intends to raise the spirits of frontliners by sending encouraging messages and donated care packs from Rakyat of Malaysia on our website.


1. How are WE LOVE YOU BOX funded?

WE LOVE YOU BOX is funded through public donations and private sponsorships from corporate companies. Our partner at *EPIC Society (via Sedunia.me) provides the platform to collect funds and to make the necessary payments out to suppliers directly.  Some corporate companies may contribute by paying for supplies directly to the suppliers.  *EPIC Society is registered under Registrar of Society (PPM-014-10-28112013)

2. Where do funds raised by WE LOVE YOU BOX go?

All funds raised will be used to purchase items in care packs which include N95 masks, PPE, energy drinks, energy bars and other items needed by hospital staff.  We do put in effort to make sure items are purchased at market rate and will negotiate on prices where we can.  Some funds may be used for logistics eg. transportation of care packs, storage space and institutional fees.  Everyone involved in this project works voluntarily with no expectations of payment.

3. How can I be sure that the money gets there?

WE LOVE YOU BOX believes in full transparency and would clearly display information such as  funds raised, items purchased, unit costs and supplier names.  Pictures will also be taken at the point of receipt.

4. Are my donations to WE LOVE YOU BOX tax deductible?

Unfortunately, as WE LOVE YOU BOX is an initiative and the cause is not recognised as tax exemption activity, your donation will not be tax deductible.


1. How do I make contributions?

You may make contributions online by clicking the “Donate” link on weloveyoubox.com or “Sponsor this campaign” under WE LOVE YOU BOX campaign on Sedunia.me website.  Payment can be made via credit / debit card, ewallet or direct bank transfer.  An additional 5% processing and admin fee is borne by the donor at point of payment and clearly indicated.

2. Is there a cancellation or refund policy?

As this is a donation, there will not be any refunds.

3. How much of my money is used for administration and overhead costs?

None is being used by us but Sedunia charges public 3% processing fee and 2% admin fee.

4. How do I know for sure my money is being used correctly?

We will publish or circulate our statement of accounts every month. 

5. Does my money go straight to the medical officer frontliner?

Your money will be used to purchase care packs consisting of PPE, masks, energy drinks, energy bars and any other items we deem appropriate as requested by hospital staff.  These packs will be sent in bulk with printed messages received from Rakyat of Malaysia.  There will not be cash directly funnelled to health care frontliners.


1. Aren’t you registered under the Registrar of Societies?

We are not registered at the moment due to the urgency of the cause, time required to have a society formed and the expectancy of the project duration. 

2. Who are your team core members and in what capacity do they serve and are they paid?

Our core team consists of 12 members from various industries ranging from advertising, website specialist, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, student and corporate employees. For more information please visit https://weloveyoubox.com/our-team/ for the roles they play.  None of them are paid. 


1. How does WE LOVE YOU BOX sponsorship work?

We accept products in kind (at a minimum of 50 units and above Eg: physical products, product vouchers, rebate cash vouchers (preferable online stores) from brands, corporates or individuals. They may arrange for their own products or the direct purchasing of items on our wishlist.

All products will be curated and subject to approval by the hospitals.  Due to logistical limitation, we are only able to accept consumable items with more than 14 days shelf life. 

You may contact us at:

Web: [email protected]
IG or FB:  @weloveyoubox
Whatsapp:  wa.me/60164115335 . 

Brands sponsor’s logo will be displayed on our website and for sponsorship above RM35,000 will have special mention on our social media.

2. How does my sponsorship help the medical officer frontliner?

All forms of sponsorship will provide a boost of joy to frontliner’s spirits and signify the love from Rakyat of Malaysia. Your contributions will not only help them physically and mentally but improve their psychological and well-being. 

3. How can I contribute?

All monetary contributions will either be channelled through Sedunia.me or directed to the suppliers on our wishlist.  We also accept services in kind eg. transportation, storage and packing space, PR services or other creative suggestions.  We will work directly with you on areas you can contribute. 

4. How long can my sponsorship last?

This project is expected to end by 31 December depending on COVID severity.  Our aim is to support and stand together with frontliners in spirit.  Your sponsorship may be a one-off or period as long as the project lasts. However, we will also be open to receive monthly donations.

5. Can I choose which medical officer or hospital to sponsor?

We are unable to cater to sponsorship of specific medical officer/s due to limitation of resources on our end. However, we may be able to work with you on sponsorship of specific hospitals depending on our current schedule on the hospitals we are serving.

There are an estimated 2,000 to 4,000 staff in each Government Hospital within Klang Valley. Thus it can be difficult to assign a medical officer to sponsor directly. For further information on which hospitals we are aiming to make an impact, please refer to https://weloveyoubox.com/hospital-goal-plan/

6. Can I sponsor a hospital that is not listed?

We welcome the suggestion of hospitals to work with if you are able to provide the hospital’s Pengarah’s contact, however, there are other considerations in terms of logistical support, time and funds to be weighed in.

7. I don’t see my preferred hospital listed on your website

We are unable to cater to all hospitals in Malaysia at the moment.  However, if you are able to justify the needs of your preferred hospital and is able to put us in touch with the pengarah of the hospital, we will be glad to assist based on our current resources in terms of funds, time and logistical support.

8. I want to sponsor a few hospitals. How do I do that?

Contact us at [email protected] or DM us on IG or FB @weloveyoubox.  We will work directly with you on how to make it happen.


1. Will I receive updates on my sponsorship?

All sponsorship details would be transparent on our website weloveyoubox.com
You can check out from time to time on the progress of each hospital.

2. How do I get to know the medical officer frontliner?

We are unable to identify individual medical officers we help, however, we will provide photos from the hospitals to ensure the items do reach the frontliners

3. Where should I send my letters/gifts?

You can send your encouraging messages and donations on our website which you can find here: https://weloveyoubox.com/rakyat-messages/

For all letters / gifts, you can drop us an email at weloveyoubox.com. We do encourage children to physically write letters to our frontliners. If you can compile them from other children and send them over in bulk, we would very much appreciate it.  You may contact wa.me/60164115335

*For legal reasons, we have been advised to not list the hospital by name.


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Epic Society

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**For direct donations please state that it's for